Who am I: a rant

I'm an early 30's game developer, currently living in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm married with cats, and have too many electronics. You're probably here for one of the links on the right: Resume, Contact, or Blog.

OK. Some interesting stuff has happened to me along the way. I was swept along with the music game boom, and got to watch Yoko Ono's assistants cut her mangos. I biked from Oregon to Tiajuana. I have scars from accidentally drilling into my hand with a power drill. I've climbed on a mountain in Thailand where the bees burrow into the rock and make their homes in perfect finger-sized holes. I started a successful computer consulting company. I've burned myself during fire performances. I've talked a few people down from killing themselves. I've taught several hundred students the art of game design. I'm pretty happy with how much I've lived.

I'm not saying this for my ego. I'm saying this because the biggest risk you can take in any creative endeavor is to avoid taking any risks. Chasing past successes just means that you're one step behind everyone else. People want new experiences, and our job is to provide it to them. If you take enough interesting creative chances, you might have that breakout title on your hands. And you might have a dud. But if you create the same grey blob that everyone else has created, you won't have anything to draw your audience in. And you won't have anything interesting to say.